I am one among the personal website owner to maintain a positive presence in today’s digital culture which is increasingly importance. In todays world, the Internet contains larger(uncounted) amounts of information accessible at your fingertips. So Why not you make sure some information about your personal life that includes as well?
Surely the intenet must have enough space to fit you there! Although there is a cost for your website as low as $10/Rs 450 per year, the benefits of having a personal website largly surpass the website(hosting) rates.
“A personal website is a great way to share information about yourself with your family and friends”. Although your intentions to create may be for personal gain, it can naturally aid and promote your business ventures as well. If you google it you will find atleast 50 good Reasons Why You Need A Website and also 100’s of articles on the web. But I wanted to pick “3 reasons why you need a personal website” which is best suited in the present days life of web.
Globalize your personal presence:
Capitalize your prsence on the web by always link your name with your work. Register a domain with yourname.com. Create a Web page/site and get your name prsence around on the world-wide-web(www). By this you are making sure that your name will resemble when ever any potential employer need to find more about you. This will always give an edge over being a separate yourself from the crowds of social-networking sites like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and many more…
Great chance to keep your work with pride:
Creating and maintaining a personal website shows that you have pride in the things that you do.  Showcase your work! Your web site could also serve as a forum/scene where you could present thoughts or express opinion about one topic or another by blog yourself. You could see yourself with many other likeminded people with similar interests, make contacts and keep up a correspondence with people from all over the world.
Become a member of the biggest community of the world
A website is a must-have personal attribute nowadays, just like mobile phones and computers are. As of today, almost everyone has a web site, whereas twice as many people are expected to be having their own personal space in the global World Wide Web in the near future. Be forward-thinking,
The Summary:
You get a personal email address with your own domian name. Host on free servers with Gadget tools and share your photos,presentations etc..by just investing minum $10 per year and feel the presence on the web….

How to build website and best utilizing the free stuff for your website will be known through my next web posts.

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