This blog post is basically for those who want to know what needs to be ready in WM before you start working with the new client like loading data etc.. Cutover activities are must for every new client that you are going to start working. Once we move the transports from dev to any QAS or PRD clients, we should make sure that any configuration related or master data checks for SAP WM related required?

SAP Implementation from WiKi

Below list for WM and I try to add some other modules here like MM and SD

Below Cutover activities for every warehouse should maintain for every new client copy.

WM Cutover activities

Configuration Activities:

1) Maintain Number range for TR,TO,Quants,Posting change notice and Group numbers

2) Maintain Number range for Inventory document

3) Create Interim storage bins

4) Maintain RF User in RF queue management

Master Data Activities:

6) Material Master data for WM view1 and view2

7) Material Master data extension for Plant/SL/warehouse/Storage type

8) Printer configuration

9) Outputs for Delivery, shipping and HU if required

10) Check if any SNUM required for Zprogram objects

11) Check all the transportable Table data


1. Check the Org structure, plants to storage location setup.

2. Check Number ranges for Purchasing and IM Doc’s

3. Maintain MRP Profile, need to update in MMD1 as 0001 or 0002.

4. Check and add Classification for Material, Batch, and Release strategy.

5. Maintain the Output conditions for print out, Email and EDI

6. Maintain the partner profiles for UPS as a freight agent to all Foreign vendors

7. Maintain the partner profile for goods supplier for vendors with multiple locations or different than their vendor address.

8. EDI partner profile setup (WE20) for UPS and outlet vendor’s – EDI Team.

9. Identify the Subcontract vendors in SAP and give it to SD team for them to maintain as a customer.

10.SD team to maintain the customer master for subcontract vendor, inter company vendor.


Generally no number ranges required for most clients.

Output Conditions:

Order Confirmation    VV11 – BA00
Return Goods VV1
Invoice            VV31 – RD00
Commercial Invoice    VV31 – FUCI
Export Documents      VV31 – FUCO, FUEP, FUPI, FUSD, FUSI
Ship Confirmation – Hard Copy         VV21
Ship Confirmation – EDI        VV21 – LALE
EDI Invoice – 810       VV31
EDI Ship Confirmation          VV21 – LALE (Ship Point, SV, LB, DA)
EDI Order Confirmation        VV11

Pricing Conditions:

Shipping & Handling  VK11
Commissions   VK11
Liquidation Commission         VK11
Allowances     VK11
Royalties         VK11
Rebates           VBO1
Cost Plus Pricing – Intercompany       VK11
Return Restock Fee    VK11
Search Strategy Maintenance VCH1
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