This blog post will give you quick understanding of Fixed bin replenishment concept in terms of choosing the functionality and required customizations along with master data maintenance.

In general you will see fixed bins for warehouses in retail distribution centers and Kit process areas where small quantity’s are more often pick from fixed bins. The storage bin in the picking area needs to be replenished so that outbound deliveries remain at maximum efficiency.

When i am working for my clients 3.5 years back , a team member asked me about replenishment based on sales/delivery quantity. I think we don’t have that time. Now my current client is aksing this and could able to do this by Tcode LP22

Three different replenishment functions are available in SAP ECC6.0 to replenish fixed bins

1) Replenishment quantity based on current stock situation in the bin and creates a Replenishment TO during TO Confirmation. This can be useful when you need auto TO creation when ever the min quantity for the bin reduced. But this will not see the open pick/putaways for this bin while at TO creation.

2) LP21/ RLLNACH1 -Replenishment quantity based on current stock + open pick/putaway quantity for that bin. This will be useful to see the forground report and supervisor can able to choose those certain bins to replenish. The required quantity will consider the open pick/putaways for this bin.

3) LP22/RLLNACH2 -Replenishment quantity based on current stock + open pick/putaway for that bin + outbound deliveries with pick date called planning of replenishments for fixed storage bins. This is the best option to replenish bins and quantity’s which are relevant for outbound deliveries. This can be better used for background job in the night and later can be created TO from TR’s.

For second and third cases, the system generates transfer requirements to refill the fixed storage bins with sufficient replenishment stock for picking. It takes into account existing transfer requirements and transfer orders.

Below required steps required to run Fixed Bin Replenishment.

1) Storage type should have “F” as Putaway strategy

2) Storage bins need to be created under fixed Storage type

3) Extend the WM view1 and view 2 with that fixed storage type and maintain the fixed bin, minimum quantity, maximum quantity and replenishment quantity

4) Create new replenish movt type copy from 319 movt type and if you want, enable auto TO selection and other options.

5) This step is optional i prefer to have type search number here so that i call my own pick and putaway sequence of storage types and maintain those in search sequence

6) Define replenishment control in the activities by maintaining the custom replenish movt type for fixed bin storage types.

7) This step is optional if you need to Create a Replenishment TO during TO Confirmation. Maintain “1” in the replenishment method selection.

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