Finally the original Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar’s Twitter account is created on May 4th 2010 at 11.21 AM with @sachin_rt. When i am writing this, it was only 30 hrs old account.

Can you imagine with in this time (30 hrs hours-1,08,000sec ), his followers are 96,353 and the number of followers are growing in every second when i refresh the account. This is a genuine account and verified by Twitter though displaying right symbol in the account page.

This is the first time and may be the last time, i happen to see a twitter account got followers like this time speed for an Indian. That’s how A Legend in Cricket can also create a record in Social networking websites. In his account he did not write “Cricketer as a “Bio” instead he wrote a “Proud Indian” that reflects his Love and responsibility being an Indian.

I am following him right from his international cricket started in the year1988. When i am at 10th standard, i.e at 16 years of age, i saw my age student enter an international cricket career rather than studying in school and college . I always feel happy and say to my friends that a Sports Legend is born on the same year i born (1973).

I don’t care about any media prising and comments on Sachin. The one good reason why i still like him is….. “an Indian who’s dedication and Hard work towards his responsibilities(career) and still carrying the Indian culture and dignity with a quality of down to earth person. I can not digest any negative news on Sachin in my life.. that is how i am and i should.

When ever i am not doing good or feeling good in my career, i love to read articles of Sachin and go to youtube and watch his cricket videos to get happiness and inspire to move on my life even though i don’t play cricket.

By reading all the above you can easily predict that i am a great favorite of Sachin Tendulkar as a Person, cricketer and a humble Indian.

Look at Sachin Tendulkar’s page in cricinfo on latest information.

PS: When i am started writing this article his followers are 96, 353 and now it was 97,103… before you read it crosses a X,XX,XXX followers in his twitter account.