Every SAP Functional Consultant might got an experience with the client by providing a training or creating some Queries. Most of the time, super users or users would like to create and see a simple business report with out ABAP program. I personally feel, very comfortable creating a Query in SAP ECC 6.0 version comparing to the older versions. SAP ECC 6.0 came up with very simple drag and drop design options along with Quickview to see the Report immediately. This blog post is to understand and keep remembering the simple steps in creating a SAP Query.

You may get so many resources online when you google it on the web. But at the end we need to get experience in creating and using the SAP queries for the client requirements. I can see in SAP that, there are Two ways/Methods in creating a query report. I should not put any screen shots here for the referee but i can provide some links at the end.

A.Quick Method: SQVI ( simple, Quick and user specific)

B.Standard Method: SQ01 ( User Group, Simple and transportable)

A.Quick Method:Creating a quick SAP Query report using SQVI Tcode is simple and easy work. There are very few key factors to remember here like

1: “Data source: Table join”

2: “Insert Table and Join Table relation

3: Select “Fields displayed in the List” and “Fields appearing on the selection screen”

4: Layoutmode to design the screen filds

5: Execute and Save.

Basically you are selecting and joning the required tables to build a quick Infoset and also design the selection fields and output fields for the report in the same place only.

B: Standard Method: This is the standard method to create a Query by using one or more Infosets with a User groups and authorizations. I was confused in setting up the user authorizations and still not clear on authorizations of users. But at the end i could create some quires assigned to a ZTcode.

1: SQ02, Create a InfoSet or Change the available Infoset.

2: SQ03, Create a User Group and Assign users and Infoset.

3: SQ01, Create a Query for a user Group, Design the screen fields selection design and save as for a User group.

You can create a ZTransaction code for your Query through SE93 Tcode.

Note: Keep these below fields as it is

Default Values for

Transaction: START_REPORT

Check Skip initial screen

Check Inherit GUI attributes under Classification

In the down default values maintain like below:



D_SREPOVARI-REPORT: User group after 12 characters plus”G”.

Transport to QAS and PRD steps: Actually you will be asked to save the object with request at the time of user group/Infoset creation. If you save with a transport, then no need the below steps.

1. Go to SQ02 .

Select Environment -> Query Areas
Select Standard Area (Client specific) as show below

2. Select Environment -> Transports

Select Import radio button.
Check Overwriting allowed (only with import/upload/copy)

Remove Check for Test Run

Select Transport InfoSets and queries radio button

Fill Infoset and Query with corresponding names

Fill Import option with transport request number.

3. Click on Execute button

Some resource Links from the web:

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