I hope you understand what my Title is all about?… Yes I am going to talk about Google products and services other than “Search”. According to comScore 87.8 billion number of search queries happen in Google Websites in one month (Dec-2009). This happens not only with Google.com but also with all other Google properties which includes YouTube, Blogger.com, GMail and many other online services from Google makes it’s presence in the online marketing world as a leader.
Everyone got some experience in using Google as search engine. But W

hat Google offers is far beyond search Engine now a days. This blog post is my experienc

es in using the Google’s innovative products and services and also briefly explained most of the Google

services that we can use in this web-world every day..

I use Google Search service to Google Mobile product till date. Like every one, most of the times I google for search and also do many other things. I am not promoting Google products here….YES, there are some services that i don’t like to use from Google, example “Blogger” and “Sites”. I Blog at WordPress and Host my site at third party service. So you can think that i am honest in my opinion. Now here are my views on experiencing Google from the year 2001 to till date……

I started using Google website from the year 2000/2001. Those days you can use Google basically for search. I can see so many people are not able to narrow their searches by using options and features. I recommend them to see the features and options provided here.

I am learning my webmaster skills and wanted to promote web products in the year 2003/2004. I used “Ad Sense” and “Ad words” programs for my company websites from Google. I got my first GMail Beta account in June 2004 through invitations from forums. On those days registering Gmail Account is only through invitations. Lot of competition to get gmail account with their desired account names. Till date so many applications along with innovative ideas are added in Gmail. I personally like it and use most of it..

Used Google groups to participate and able to drive the traffic to one of my websites in the process of web promotion. I started using iGoogle personal page in google.com.

Between Year 2005 to 2007, Google started acquisitions and partnerships, intern increased Brand value and customer base in the competitive business world. The best brought are Youtube, Google Earth, Google voice, and Orkut. The Google uses technology from others for Google Analytics which is a best to analyze web statistics and improve their online marketing strategies. By the by for webmasters very best tool is at Google is Google Web Central.

Users from USA likes Google voice service. i used this service and got a free virtual phone number which enables to your phone number along with voice mail and voice transcription. The Orkut social website was very popular in India and Brazil than in US and other countries. I was not used this as i like other social websites.

The best services that I can use in every day from Google are “Google Calender”, “Google Reader”, “Picasso photo album”, “Google Docs”, Google sites and “Google Maps”. Click the link to know each and every product in detail from” Google products and services.”

The other products which are latest are Google Chrome browser & Android mobile OS and both are open sourced projects and I use both in every day. Google Phone’s direct entry in to the mobile world is a very brave step according to business pundits. The phone is very nice and Google may come up with more models in future.

Now, very important Enterprise products from Google are “Google Search Appliance” and “Google Apps premium edition”. I already used Google apps by purchasing a domain with Google.

I can not close this article if i can explain each and every one in detail but i should end up with this “Innovative time off ” from WIKI page below

“”””””””””””As a motivation technique (usually called Innovation Time Off), all Google engineers are encouraged to spend 20% of their work time (one day per week) on projects that interest them. Some of Google’s newer services, such as Gmail, Google News, Orkut, and AdSense originated from these independent endeavors. In a talk at Stanford University, Marissa Mayer, Google’s Vice President of Search Products and User Experience, stated that her analysis showed that 50% of the new product launches originated from the 20% time.””””””””””

Being a Google Apps customer i am testing a new product called Google Wave which is a a social networking product. I will update this in my next blog posts.

All the product names and logos are copyright to Google.