SAP WM Posting Change is required in order to change the stock category/special stocks in WM inventory from IM Inventory. DC Warehouses will require to do so many posting changes in a day like stock category changes from quality to/blocked to/ or special stock changes like consign to own/sales order stock to own/ or  mat to mat/sloc to sloc./etc.

In SAP ECC 6.0, you have the option to make use of quickly changing the stock category and special stocks from WM to IM with LQ02 for those stocks which are not physically moved from bin. This Blog post is basically explains the configuration steps and procedures to do posting changes.

As every SAP WM consultant know that, Posting change can be done from IM to WM with some TCodes from Inventory management to Warehouse management.

In IM level

MB1B Tcode with appropriate Movement type

You will get Material document number and Posting Change number to further carry to WM work

Stock will be moved to Posting change area (Interim storage type 922 )

In WM Level.

LU04/LT05/LT06 will get you through a Transfer order creation and confirmation will takes the stock was moved to new stock category.

Posting Change from WM to IM

In order to do the process quickly with one Tcode and to do more bins and materials at a time, will require to configure of Movement type control for clearing in WM/IM.

First, create WM movt type coping from 309 movt type for each IM movt type which you require.

IMG> Logistics Execution> Warehouse Management>Activities>Define Movement types

After creating the WM movt types for those posting changes will need link to IM movt types in the configuration below.

IMG> Logistics Execution> Warehouse Management>Interfaces>Inventory Management>Define Posting Changes. example below:

WH       Movt         Description                                 IM Movt type

ST         911          Consignment to own stock       411 K

ST         912          Own stock to consignment       412             K

ST         921          Q to Unrest stock-Posting         321 Q

ST         922         Place stock on Q hold-PC           322             Q

ST        943          Blocked to Unrestricted            343 S

ST        944             Place stock on blocked              344           S

In LQ02, where WM movt types will only display after you configure those movt types under warehouses. Here you should also give Storage type to list out the bins to select and do the posting change.

Note: LQo2 will not have the ability to do other posting changes like material to material or Sloc to Sloc changes directly WM to IM. These posting changes requires to trigger from IM to WM by MB1C-LU04 only.

Helpful resources:  Posting Change notes from