Most SAP Consultants generally aware of new updates in their application area with clients list. This blog post covers some of SAP EWM solution overviews and SAP EWM clients list till 2011 by sharing some public links. I browse through several sites, presentation and videos related to SAP EWM and found some interesting articles and presentations.

I would like to share some of important pictures with links. This will help me to quickly overview the latest happenings in SAP EWM as on today.

and see below another picture where you see SAP EWM Live customers in 2015.So at-least every year a minimum of 100 customers per year added. This will should the real nonrecognition of product and SAP did lot of improvements and innovations to it. Please also read one of my blog post on SAP EWM overview road map here.

I had two SAP presentation images on SAP live customers list. You can just see below two images of clients list. There is an increase in clients list from 100 to 400 in an about 4 years, that is about approximately 75 SAP EWM clients per year.

See below image one from one of the SAP presentation on SAP EWM clients list in the year 2015

See below image two one of the SAP presentation on SAP EWM clients list in the year 2011

SAP EWM all processes with fuEWM-customers-2011nctions






Now the below important visuals represents the SAP EWM processes with functions

SAP EWM distribution center with other functions:

Please also find the below SAP EWM Video share

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