SAP EWM Tables

After a long time, I am writing this blog post not in WM but in SAP EWM with an important list that i may refer more often. Being SAP EWM Functional consultant, I come across several important tables during my work. I thought to arrange the list in one palace with a title of important SAP EWM tables. The list contains as per function wise so that we can refer easily.

List of Important SAP EWM Tables :





Wave/SCWM/WAVEHDRWave – Header Information
ODO/SCDL/DB_PROCH_OOutbound Delivery Order Header
/SCDL/DB_PROCI_OOutbound Delivery Order Item
OD/SCDL/DB_DLVH_OOutbound Delivery Header
/SCDL/DB_DLVI_OOutbound Delivery Item
ID/SCDL/DB_PROCH_IInbound Delivery: Header
/SCDL/DB_PROCI_IInbound Delivery Item
/SCDL/DB_REQHHeader Inbound Delivery Notification / Outbound Delivery Request
/SCDL/DB_REQIItem Inbound Delivery Notification / Outbound Delivery Request
/SCDL/V_STATUSGenerated Table for View /SCDL/V_STATUS
Posting change Delivery/SCDL/DB_PROCH_OPosting change delivery Header with DOCCAT=SPC
/SCDL/DB_PROCI_OPosting change delivery Main item details
 /SCWM/DB_ITEM_TOPosting change delivery Target item data
HU/SCWM/HUHDRHandling unit header
/SCWM/HUSSTATIndividual Status for Each Handling Unit
/SCWM/HUREFHandling Unit Reference
/SCWM/HUSTOBJInformation about HU Status Object
/SCWM/GMHUSTATHU Status of HUs from Goods Movement Log
TJ02T Status table
/LIME/NTREEImportant LIME table. Example to see new HU or location, Input GUID and get GUID_PARENT and look in LAGP with GUID_LOC to see BIN number for a HU
WT/SCWM/ORDIM_OWarehouse Tasks Open
/SCWM/ORDIM_CWarehouse Tasks Confirmed
WO/SCWM/WHOWarehouse Order
/SCWM/WHOHUWarehouse Order: HU Information
 /SCWM/WO_RSRC_TY Resource Type for Warehouse Order
Quantity/SCWM/AQUAAvailable Quantity
/SCWM/QUANQuant Attributes
/LIME/NQUANLIME – Stock Quantities
/SCWM/STOCK_IW01 Stock GUID from table
/SCWM/STOCK_IW02 Stock GUID from Batch managed stock
/SCWM/STOCK_IW03 Stock GUID from refernce stock PDI and PDO
/SCWM/STOCK_IW04 Stock GUID from Special stock
/SCWM/LAGPSBins for Execution Areas and Activities
 /SCWM/BINMAT Assignment Table for Fixed Bins – Product
 /SCWM/BINSTAT Individual Status per Storage Bin
 /SCWM/TPSASTAGE SA Assignment to Bin by Entitled/Product
PI/LIME/PI_DOC_ITTable of Physical Inventory Document Items
/LIME/PI_LOGHEADLog Table for Header Data of a Physical Inventory document
/LIME/PI_LOGITEM/LIME/PI_DOC_TBLog Table for Item Data of a Physical Inventory documentQuantities for Physical Inventory Document
 /LIME/PI_DOC_TB Quantities for Physical Inventory Document
TU/SCWM/TU_DLVAssignment of Deliveries and HUs to Transportation Units
/SCWM/TU_STATUSStatus of Transportation Unit Activities
 /SCWM/TUNIT TU number
 /SCWM/TU_SR_ACT  Contains start date/times and end dates/times
/SAPAPO/MATMAPMapping Table for Products
/SAPAPO/MATLWHLocation Product for Location Warehouse
/SAPAPO/MATEXECProduct: Execution Data
/SAPAPO/MATLWHSTLocation Product for Location Whse and Subloc. Storage Type
/SAPAPO/MATTXTMaterial Descriptions
 /SAPAPO/MATPACK Product: Packing/Packaging Data
 /SCWM/SERH Serial Number Header
 /SCWM/TPSA  Production Supply Area
 /SAPAPO/MARM Product Unit of Measure
BPADRCAddresses (Business Address Services)
/SCDL/DB_BPLOCPartner/Location search for delivery DOCID & ITEMID
BUT000BP: General data I
BUT020BP: Addresses
 Route /SCMB/ROUTE Route
/SCMB/ROUTET Route name
/SCMB/TOENTITYT Supply chain unit : Text
 /SCDL/TSRVLVLT Shipping condition :Text
 /SCMB/ROUTE_SC Shipping condition for Route
 /SCMB/ROUTE_RT Request type for Route
 /SCMB/STOP Stop Along a Leg
 /SCMB/ZONE Transportation Zone
/SCMB/ZONE_DTransportation Zone Defined Unassignment of Location
 SCMB/TOENTITY Supply chain unit header table
 Location/SCWM/LOC_IW01 WME – Location Table Whse Number, Storage type,Storage Bin
 /SCWM/LOC_IW02 WME – Location Table Warehouse Number, Resource
 /SCWM/LOC_IW03 WME – Location Table Warehouse Number, View
 /SCWM/LOC_IW04 WME – Location Table Transport Unit
 APO Loc/SAPAPO/LOC Locations
 /SAPAPO/LOCMAP Mapping Table for Locations
 /SAPAPO/LOCT Short Text for Locations
 /SAPAPO/LOCVER Location: Version-Dependent Fields
 Valuation /SCWM/T_VALUATE Valuation Data for Physical Inventory
 /SCWM/T_VAL_SPLT Split Valuation Data
 RF /SCWM/TTRNS_CAT Logical Transactions
 /SCWM/TSTEP_CAT Steps of Logical Transactions
 /SCWM/TPRDV_CAT Presentation Devices
 /SCWM/TPRES_CAT Presentation Profiles
Coomunication TRFCQIN tRFC Queue Description (Inbound Queue)
 EDIDC Control record (IDoc)



ERP                            FRET                         Assignment of Procurement to Issue Docs in Mdse Distribution

ERP                          /n/spe/cdmon           Transportation Cross-dock Monitor

If you would like to know more SAP EWM tables then download the big list of of SAP EWM Tables  here but you need to search the list to get what you want