Sachin-retireOn this Sunday morning 23 rd December,  I heard the news of Sachin’s retirement from ODI cricket. I read so many posted comments from people, journalists, ex cricketers.

I  remember Sachin 23 years ago and now and I feel numb on Saturday night. I come to conclusion that i am no more interested in Cricket by this end of 2012 with the exit of Sachin’s ODI career. He is my invisible friend, philosopher and guide and role model.. These are common words.. But i have no words to say further and i want to keep remember him through my blog whenever i can..

People talk about his many good qualities But the most that i admire is ……his continues learning and hard working.

I was born on the same year Sachin born 1973 and from my school days I followed him until today all these years. I had a great moment when i collected his signature in 1994- 1995 when he came to Hyderabad to play a Ranje trophy match. Today i had no choice to imagine any other person in my sporting world.

This blog post is for myself to come and view again and again to remember my days with my buddy Sachin and i had a deep breath on this moment to share.. Sachin’s Profile link 

Here is the snippet from espncricinfo..Sachin-worldcup-trophy

Sachin Tendulkar’s numbers are staggering in both forms of the game, but the margin by which he is ahead of the pack in ODIs is truly mindboggling. Let alone equalling or surpassing some of his records, it’s possible that no batsman will even come close to his stats. To start with, Tendulkar’s overall ODI aggregate is 18,426, which is almost 35% more than the next-best, Ricky Ponting’s 13,704. His 49 ODI centuries is 63% better than the second-highest, Ponting’s 30. With Sourav Ganguly, he added 8227partnership runs, 50% more than Marvan Atapattu and Sanath Jayasuriya’s 5462. His 26 century standswith Ganguly is 62.5% better than the 16 that Matthew Hayden and Adam Gilchrist managed. (There are several others – biggest partnershipmost matches, most Man-of-the-Match awards, for example – which are available with a few clicks on ESPNcricinfo’s fantastic-fourrecord pages.).

The fantastic four

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