The concept of Storage Control in SAP EWM is very important and vital. This is the driving source for a product in a warehouse where complex movements with complex layout structure exists. This blog post explains the storage control in a simple and practical way that I worked and remembered was put into this blog now..

A complex warehouse should follow certain processes and steps along with a physical layout in order to receive and goods issue items. SAP EWM arrived with two forms of storage control one is process-oriented and another layout-oriented storage control.

In most warehouses the items putaway will not go directly to final destination bin.  The HU/items will follow multi-staging physical movement. Likewise the items will follow some processes with steps. In the Inbound process, the pallets or case HU’s can be staged at  point or stage and if required consolidate or putway from staging. In some cases two stagings required in order to putaway to final destination bin. This putaway staging can be configured through Layout-oriented storage control.

In the Outbound process after picking the items moved to pack station consolidation and finally go to ship lanes and loaded into trailers. The physical movements of HU’s through conveyor can be configured through process oriented storage control as well as layout oriented storage control.


Movement of products in a warehouse is based on processing requirement.
This is only available for products in HU’s. Non-HU managed products are not supported.
Internal process steps are predefined by SAP and cannot be changed.

Configuration steps in Process oriented:

Define Storage processes like inbound process (default ex: INB1) and Outbound process (default-OUT1).
External process step linking to SAP standard internal process steps.
Assign external process STEPS with sequence to Storage process.
In Process-oriented storage control section, you can also control Destination location and WPT determination.

Determination storage process begins with the determination Warehouse process type. The Whse process type determines with fields  Delivery doc type, item type, priority and process type indicator in the master data for product Whse data field.

Settings for storage process are important.
Set the storage process (ex: INB1) in the Warehouse process type (1011)   for the Goods receipt process.
Set the Storage process (ex: OMDX) in the Warehouse Order creation rule (ex: OMDC) for the Goods Issue process.

Define Storage processes like inbound process (INB1) and Outbound process (OUT1)

External process step linking to SAP standard internal process steps.

Assign process step to each storage process.



Goods do not travel directly from source storage location to destination storage location, but move via intermediate location called staging locations.

Hu’s are not required in Lay-out oriented storage control if pick and ID points are used.

You define intermediate storage bins. These bins can be used as  identification points  in order



Using both process and layout oriented storage control

EWM always executes the process oriented storage control first. The Layout-oriented storage control then checks whether the sequence of process steps is possible in layout view .

A step can be executed in a signle level basis or Multi level basis through intermediate storage types.

The below two diagrams explains the direct storage control and multi storage control in SAP EWM.

Direct Storage Control at Putaway .

Combined storage control at putaway

Outbound Scenarios for storage process control

Let’s take two business scenario 1) Outbound with packing -pick, pack,stag and load
2) Outbound with Stag – pick, stag and load (no packing here)

So we need to create two custom storage process called OUTS and OUTP as below

and creating external steps and link them to suitable standard internal steps as below

now assign external storage process steps in sequence to custom storage processes OUTP and OUTS as below

If you want a intermediate stage for the process oriented then we can configure lay out oriented as belowstorage-process-04

Finally the triggering point of outbound storage process is from WO (WOCR ) configuration as belowstorage-process-05

Inbound Scenarios for storage process control

Let’s take two business scenario 1) Inbound with pack and putaway
2) Inbound with Dcon and puaway
We need to create two custom storage processes for inbound as below

We need to create external storage process step linking to internal process step as below

We need to assign external steps in sequence as shown below

If required for DECON and PACK we assign warehouse process types as below

now the triggering point for Inbound storage process is from warehouse process type WPT as shown below

You can read SAP Help portal on Storage Control then click here