The Warehouse Order Creation Rule (WOCR) and Activity Area (AA) are very important topics in SAP EWM. The Warehouse Tasks (WT’s) will be packaged in Warehouse Order (WO) based on WOCR and AA set up and will decide how the tasks are arranged to work on activities like Pick or Replenishment. The very detailed content of AA and WO is available in and other EWM books. But this blog post is very simple and practical in explaining the Warehouse Order and Activity Area combination with example.

We have lot of flexibility in optimizing processes for picking through warehouse order creation in SAP EWM.  Business Teams define their way of picking for specific items from specific bins with different rules. This can be possible with a combination of structure and rules step up in Activity areas and Warehouse order creation rule.WT-picture

I would like to summarize the steps here with a simple example that will cover the concepts of AA and WOCR with respect to the picks from the bin bin/Aisle.

First we should start work on Warehouse structure and master data for the bins and then we go for the Rules set up for WO.

Every bin requires certain data to maintain like storage type/section/bin type but we also need to maintain Activity and Activity areas in order to properly pick/replen. The standard activities are INTL,INVE,PICK,PTWY,REPL,STCH. Based on the Warehouse requirement we have to define activity areas for each storage type one or multiple. These Activity areas are very important in deciding the WO for the pick tasks.


Activity area Configuration:

1)      IMG Activity-  Define Activity Area

1-Define Activity area

 2)      IMG Activity-  Assign Storage Bins to Activity Areas

2-Assings binsto activity area

 3)      IMG Activity-     Define Sort Sequence for Activity area

3-Define sort sequence

Queue Configuration:

1)      IMG Activity-   Define Queues

4-queue determination

2)      Define Queue Determination Criteria

5-Queue critiria

Master data: Create Bin and maintain Sort quence

Create Bin sorting with transaction /N/SCWM/SBST. Before your run this transaction makes sure that you properly created bins with Aisle data in the bin information.

6-bin sorting

Once you completed sort sequence for the bins then it looks like as below AA’s for the specific bin that we maintained based on our configuration


Warehouse Order (WOCR) related configurations:

Once the master data and AA work is completed, then we can create a new WOCR based on the requirement. We will create simple WOCR which creates one item per WO with Limit “MX01”.

Once WOCR is created this needs to be linked to AA.

1)      IMG Activity-   Define Creation Rule for Warehouse Orders

8-define WOCR

 2)      IMG Activity-   Define Search Sequence of Creation Rules for Activity Areas

9- WO Search seunce for AA

 Final outcome of Warehouse Order with proper WOCR, Queue and AA determined

Once all the configurations and master data maintained then we can release a wave and see how the picks are created from that bin/Aisle with WOCR, Queue and AA for our specific bin that contains the tasks for pick with below information.


Please note that this is very simple notes that only cover single scenario covering two important topics in SAP EWM. Please read application help from SAP for any questions and concerns.

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