SAP PPF is one of the best tools to execute functions and processes in SAP EWM. This blog post is basically for functional consultants to understand the concepts of PPF in SAP EWM along with determination of condition techniques to perform PPF actions.PPF-SAP-EWM

SAP EWM uses the PPF for Printing, Communication to other systems like SAP ERP or GTS, Sending XI messages, Asynchronous updates between business objects within SAP EWM and lot more. But we functional consultants should configure and maintain conditions for basic business requirements like WO print, HU print, TU print and how to execute the PPF action definition through background jobs. If you want to skip this post and directly read how to create and configure a custom SAP EWM PPF Action definition then read this post

Both Functional and developers should be able to choose suitable action profile, configure action scheduling, activating and deactivating actions and identify list of actions that need monitoring.

Simple parts in SAP PPF: Action Profile>Action definition>Processing Types.

In breaf the concept of PPF Actions from SAP application help is as follows

The PPF is a Basis component that generates actions from the data of an application according to an action definition (e.g. the printing of a delivery note). The actions are processed at a certain point in time. The PPF provides the tools for the scheduling, starting and monitoring of actions.

1. You create an action profile and define actions (e.g. the sending of messages) and processing time-spots for this profile.
2. If necessary, you define conditions for the actions in the profile.
3. You assign the action profile to the document type and item type.
Note that the actions must be created in an action profile for each document and item type.

Below are important steps or actions in PPF.

A: First complete the required configurations of Action definitions for each process.

B: Second complete the configuration of conditions for WO, HU, Wave, Delivery processes.

C: Third maintain condition records for each application and maintenance group through transaction code /N/SCWM/DLVPPFC

D: All in one place Customizing and configuration PPF application through Tcode: SPPFCADM

E: Monitor and execute PPF actions through SPPFP transaction code or use program “RSPPFPROCESS” to setup back ground jobs to run PPF actions.


Configuration related steps:

Action profile: contains several action definitions and definitions can be executed based on the process type’s settings.

SPRO>EWM>Cross process setting>Warehouse Order>Print>Define PPF action Profiles

You can see profiles /SCWM/HU, /SCWM/WO and several others

SPRO>EWM>Cross process setting>Delivery processing>Actions>Define action profiles

You can see profiles /SCDL/ODR, /SCWM/WMR and several others

SPRO>EWM>Cross process setting>Shipping and Receiving>Print>Define Action Profiles for TU’s

You can see profile /SCWM/TU and several others


PPF-condition-maintainance -group

PPF-condition-maintainance -link-condition-table

Maintain conditions:


The below screen shot to maintain conditions for applications

PPF-condition record-maintain

For more information of SAP PPF please refer portal

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