Long time back in 2011, I wrote a post on Understanding SAP EWM in comparison with SAP WM which had list of few transaction codes in SAP EWM, but i thought i should write a complete list of of SAP EWM transaction codes in one place.

This post contains two sections A) day-to-day use transactions B) Detail list by function group.  This SAP EWM Transaction Codes quick list will help us before before going to easy access of SAP EWM.

Also, you can see many of these below SAP EWM transaction codes in SAP Easy access.

A) day-to-day use of SAP EWM transaction codes

Function AreaDescriptionSAP EWM Transsaction codes
OutboundMaintain ODO/N/SCWM/PRDO
Maintain Wave/N/SCWM/WAVE
InboundMaintain Inbound Delivery/N/SCWM/PRDI
 GR preparation /N/SCWM/GRPE
InternalMove product/ Create Warehouse Task/N/SCWM/ADPROD
Move HU/ Create HU Warehouse Task/N/SCWM/ADHU
Make Posting Change for Product/N/SCWM/POST
Confirm Warehouse Task/N/SCWM/TO_CONF
Log onRF Environment/N/SCWM/RFUI
Pack station/N/SCWM/PACK
Process Transportation Unit/N/SCWM/TU
Physical InventoryCrete Phy Inv Doc/N/SCWM/PI_CREATE
Enter count Results/N/SCWM/PI_COUNT
Difference Analyzer/N/SCWM/DIFF_ANALYZER
Master DataBusiness PartnerBP
Maintain Users/N/SCWM/USER
Maintain Resource/N/SCWM/RSRC
WorkStation Master Data/N/SCWM/TWORKST
WM Product/N/SCWM/MAT1
Storage Bin/N/SCWM/LS03
Load Storage Bind/N/SCWM/SBUP
Load Storage Bin sorting/N/SCWM/SRTUP
OuputsPPF processing of OutputsSPPFP
 Conditions All General condition Maintenance/N/SAPCND/GCM
 HU print /N/SCWM/PRHU6

B) Detail list of SAP EWM transaction codes by function group.

Delivery Processing
Inbound Delivery
/SCWM/IDN – Maintain Inbound Delivery Notification
/SCWM/PRDI – Maintain Inbound Delivery
/SCWM/GRPE – GR Preparation – External Procurement
/SCWM/GRPI – GR Preparation – Production
/SCWM/GR – Physical Goods Receipt
/SCWM/PRIOP_UPDATE – Update Priority Points
/SCWM/MEDI_AQTY – Merchandise Distribution: Maintain Quantity Adjustment (Flow-Through)

Expected Goods Receipt
/SCWM/GRN Maintain Notification of Goods Receipt
/SCWM/EGR Maintain Expected Goods Receipt
/SCWM/ERP_EGR_DELETE Generate or Delete Expected Goods Receipt

Outbound Delivery
/SCWM/ODR Maintain Outbound Delivery Request
/SCWM/PRDO Maintain Outbound Delivery Order
/SCWM/FD Maintain Outbound Delivery
/SCWM/SGI Pickup
/SCWM/DLV_GIPSA Post Goods Issue in PSA

Posting Change
/SCWM/IM_DR – Maintain Posting Change Request
/SCWM/IM_PC – Maintain Posting Change

Wave Management
/SCWM/WDGCM – Maintain Conditions for Determining Wave Templates
/SCWM/WAVETMP – Maintain Wave Templates
/SCWM/WAVE – Maintain Waves

Create Warehouse Task for Warehouse Request
/SCWM/TODLV_I – Putaway for Inbound Delivery
/SCWM/TODLV_O – Stock Removal for Outbound Delivery Order
/SCWM/TODLV_M – Transfer for Internal Stock Transfer
/SCWM/TODLV_T – Transfer for Posting Change

Create Warehouse Task Without Reference
/SCWM/ADPROD – Move Product
/SCWM/ADHU – Move Handling Unit

Inspection Document
/SCWM/QIDPR – Process Product Inspection Document
/SCWM/QIDHU – Process HU Inspection Document
/SCWM/QIDDH – Process Delivery Inspection Document

Rearrangement (/SCWM/REAR)
/SCWM/REAR_BATCH – Rearrangement (Background)
/SCWM/WM_ANA – Analyze Stock Situation
/SCWM/REPL – Schedule Replenishment
/SCWM/POST – Make Posting Change for Product

PPF Actions
/SCWM/DLVPPFC – Maintain Condition Records for PPF Schedule Conditions
SPPFP – Process and Display PPF Actions
/SCWM/DLVPPFLOG – Deactivate PPF Log Depending on Warehouse and User

Work Scheduling 
/SCWM/IM_ST -Maintain Internal Stock Transfer

Cartonization Planning
/SCWM/CAPDLV – Cartonization Planning for Outbound Delivery Orders
/SCWM/CAPWAVE – Cartonization Planning for Waves
/SCWM/CAP – Maintain Planned Shipping Handling Units
/SCWM/CAPDEL – Delete Planned Shipping Handling Units

Shipping and Receiving (/SCWM/SHP)
/SCWM/VEH – Process Vehicle
/SCWM/TU – Process Transportation Unit
/SCWM/DOOR – Maintain Door Assignment

Yard Management
/SCWM/CICO – Arrival at/Departure from Checkpoint
/SCWM/YMOVE – Create Warehouse Task in Yard

/SCTM/SHP – Maintain Shipment
/SCTM/FRD – Maintain Freight Document

Physical Inventory (/SCWM/PI)
/SCWM/PI_CREATE – Create Physical Inventory Document
/SCWM/PI_PROCESS – Process Physical Inventory Document
/SCWM/PI_COUNT – Enter Count Results
/SCWM/PI_COUNTLIST – Create Phys. Inventory Count in List
/SCWM/DIFF_ANALYZER – Difference Analyzer

Value-Added Services (VAS)
/SCWM/VAS_I – VAS in Goods Receipt Process
/SCWM/VAS_O – VAS in Goods Issue Process
/SCWM/VAS_KTS- VAS for Kit Creation on Stock
/SCWM/VAS_KTR – VAS for Reverse Kitting
/SCWM/VAS_INT VAS – for Internal Warehouse Operations

SPPFP – Process and Display PPF Actions

Print conditions -Settings
/SCWM/60000431- Maintain Warehouse-Specific Printing Parameters
/SCWM/PRHU5 – Create Logical Conditions for Printing (HUs)
/SCWM/PRWO5 – Create Logical Conditions for Printing (Warehouse Orders)
/SCWM/PRHU6 – Create Condition Records for Printing (HUs)
/SCWM/PRWO6 – Create Condition Records for Printing (Warehouse Orders)
/SCWM/PRPI_GCM – Create Condition Records for Printing (Physical Inventory)
/SCWM/WOHULOG – Activate Application Log
/SCWM/PRT_CT_EXT – Enhance Print Condition Tables

Funtions Execution (/SCWM/EXEC)
/SCWM/TO_CONF – Confirm Warehouse Task
/SCWM/RWOCR – Manually Assemble Warehouse Tasks
/SCWM/DCONS – Deconsolidation in Goods Receipt
/SCWM/QINSP – Quality Inspection and Count
/SCWM/RFUI – Log On to RF Environment
/SCWM/PACK – Packing – General
/SCWM/VASEXEC – Create Confirmation for VAS
/SCWM/CANCPICK – Cancel Picking
/SCWM/ADGI – Post Unplanned Goods Issue

Periodic Processing
/SCWM/VALUATION_SET – Determine and Set Prices from ERP
/SCWM/PI_DOC_CREATE – Create Physical Inventory Document
/SCWM/PI_CC_CREATE – Create Physical Inventory Document (Cycle Counting)
/SCWM/PRPI_DOC – Print Physical Inventory Count Document
/SCWM/WM_ADJUST – Post Differences to ERP System
/SCWM/PI_COMPL_CHECK – Check Product for Complete Counting
/SCWM/PI_COMPL_DEL – Delete Completeness Data Sets
/SCWM/PI_UPLOAD – Upload Storage Bins and Count Data
/SCWM/PI_DOWNLOAD – Download Storage Bins and Count Data
/SCWM/SER_CON_CHECK – Adjust Serial Numbers at Warehouse-Number Level

Interfaces for Sample-Based Physical Inventory
/SCWM/PI_SAMP_STOCK – Download Stock Population
/SCWM/PI_SAMP_CR – Upload Sample to Create PI Documents
/SCWM/PI_SAMP_UPDATE – Download Results or Stock Population

Labor Management (/SCWM/LABOR)
/SCWM/PL – Planning and Simulation
/SCWM/PL_LOAD – Load Planning and Simulation Results

Maintain Indirect Labor Task (/SCWM/ILT)
Employee Performance
/SCWM/EPERF – Employee Performance Overview
/SCWM/EPD_TRANSFER – Send Performance Document to HR

Master Data (/SCWM/MASTER)
/SCMB/SCUMAIN – Maintain Supply Chain Unit
BP – Maintain Business Partner
/SCWM/PRDVC – Maintain Presentation Devices
/SCWM/DSGR – Maintain Consolidation Group
/SCWM/73000001 – Assign Storage Bins for VAS Consumption Posting

Classification System
CT04 – Characteristics
CL02 – Classes

Resource Management
/SCWM/RGRP – Maintain Resource Group
/SCWM/QSEQ – Maintain Queue Sequence for Resource Group
/SCWM/RSRC – Maintain Resource
/SCWM/EXECPR – Maintain Execution Priorities
/SCWM/USER – Maintain Users
/SCWM/REC_ACTIVATE – Activate Resource Execution Control for Storage Groups
/SCWM/QTSQ – Maintain Queue Type Sequence
/SCWM/RSCMSG_DEACT – Deactivate Messages to Resources

/SCMB/PRR1 – Create Processor
/SCMB/PRR2 – Edit Processor
BP – Maintain Business Partner

/SCWM/SLOT – Slot Products for Warehouse
/SCWM/SLOTACT – Activate Plan Values
/SCWM/SLOTOCC – Simulate Slotting
/SCWM/GCMC – Condition Maintenance for Slotting

Storage Bin (/SCWM/BIN)
/SCWM/LS01 – Create Storage Bin
/SCWM/LS02 – Change Storage Bin
/SCWM/LS11 – Mass Change to Storage Bins
/SCWM/LS03 – Display Storage Bin
/SCWM/LS10 – Generate Storage Bins
/SCWM/SBST – Sort Storage Bins
/SCWM/SEBA – Assign Start/End Storage Bin for Activity Area
/SCWM/BINSTAT – Add User Status for Storage Bins
/SCWM/BINMAT – Maintain Fixed Storage Bin
/SCWM/FBINDEL – Delete Fixed Storage Bin Assignment
/SCWM/FBINASN – Assign Fixed Storage Bins to Products
/SCWM/PRFIXBIN – Print Fixed Bin Label
/SCWM/PRBIN – Print Storage Bin Label
/SCWM/LX45 – Maintain Verification Field
/SCWM/SBUP – Load Storage Bins
/SCWM/SRTUP – Load Storage Bin Sorting

/SAPAPO/MAT1 – Maintain Product
/SCWM/MAT1 – Maintain Warehouse Product
/SCWM/WM_BATCH_MAINT – Maintain Batches for Product
/SCWM/PROD_CD_READ – Activate Change Documents
/SAPAPO/GENART – Display Generic Products
/SCWM/DBATCHSYNC – Synchronize ERP/EWM Settings for Documentation Batches
/SCWM/CCIND_MAINTAIN – Transfer Cycle Counting Indicator from SAP APO

Hazardous Substance
/SCWM/T331SC1P – Block Storage Type for Hazard Rating 1
/SCWM/T331SC2P – Block Storage Type for Hazard Rating 2

Work Center
/SCWM/TWORKST – Define Master Data Attributes
/SCWM/PACKSTDT – Determine Work Center in Goods Issue
/SCWM/TWCPRINT – Printer Control
/SCWM/SCALE – Define Scales
/SCWM/CDSTDET – Determine Work Center for Cross-Docking

Production Supply Area (PSA)
/SCWM/PSA – Define PSA
/SCWM/PSASTAGE – Assign Bin to PSA/Product/Entitled in Warehouse Number
/SCWM/PSASTAGE2 – Assign Bin to Product/Entitled in PSA

Packaging Specification (/SCMB/PACK)
/SCWM/PACKSPEC – Maintain Packaging Specification
/SCWM/PSWORKSTEP – Maintain Packaging Work Step
/SCWM/PSEG – Maintain Level Element Group
/SCWM/PSCT6 – Condition Maintenance
/SCWM/PSCT5 – Define Logical Conditions for Packaging Specifications
/SCMB/15000024 – Define Master Data for Packaging Specifications
/SCWM/IPU – Initial Data Transfer of Packaging Specifications

Quality Management
/SCWM/QRSETUP – Maintain Inspection Rule
/SCWM/QLEVEL – Maintain Quality Level
/SCWM/QSDRWP – Maintain Sample-Drawing Procedure
/SCWM/QFU_MASTER – Define Master Data of Follow-Up Action

Material Flow System (MFS)
/SCWM/MFS_CP – Maintain Communication Points
/SCWM/MFS_PLC – Maintain Programmable Logic Controller
/SCWM/MFS_CCH – Maintain Communication Channel
/SCWM/MFS_GEN_APPDAT – Generate Application Data
/SCWM/MFS_DEL_LOG – Delete Telegram Log
/SCWM/MFS_GEN_PLCOBJ – Generate PLC Objects from EWM Objects
/SCWM/MFS_OBJMAP – Map EWM Objects to PLC Objects
/SCWM/MFS_RSRC – Maintain MFS Resource
/SCWM/MFS_APPSRV – Maintain Application Server Group for MFS Processes

/SCTM/CHNG_DOC – List of Changes
/SCTM/SHP_MON – Shipment Monitor
/SCTM/FRD_MON – Freight Document Monitor
/SCTM/APPLOG – Display Application Log
/SCTM/INCON_REP – Consistency check

Shipping and Receiving
/SCWM/MTR_DO – Default Owners of Transportation Units and Vehicles
/SCWM/VEH – Process Vehicle
/SCWM/TU – Process Transportation Unit
/SCWM/DOOR_SCU – Assign Door Storage Bin and Supply Chain Unit

Yard Management
/SCWM/LS01 – Create Storage Bin
/SCWM/YM_DOOR_BIN – Assign Warehouse Door to Yard Bin
/SCWM/YM_CHKPT_BIN – Assign Checkpoint to Yard Bin and SCU

Route Determination
/SAPAPO/TPK – Define General Transportation Cost Profile
/SCTM/RG_BASIC – General Settings for Route Determination
/SCTM/DEPCAL – Assign Calendar to Supply Chain Unit
/SAPAPO/LOC3 – Location
/SAPAPO/SCC_TL1 – Transportation Lane
/SCTM/ROUTE – Maintain Route
/SCTM/ZONE – Maintain Zones for Routes
/SCTM/TSPP – Carrier Profile for Routing Guide
/SCTM/RGINT – Simulate Route Determination

Control Settings
/SCWM/EXCUSERID – Assign User to Exception Code Profile
/SCWM/LGNBP – Assignments: Warehouse Numbers/Business Partners
/SCWM/GTS_MAPWH – Assign Warehouse Number/Party Authorized to Customs ID
/SCWM/ACTLOG – Activate Application Log
/SCWM/GMBIN_DET – Maintain Goods Movement Bin Determination
/SCWM/DLV_ASYN – Activate Asyncronous Delivery Update
/SCWM/CAPPDET – Determine Algorithm Profiles for Cartonization Planning
/SCWM/PMATCOHU – Specify Packaging Materials for Collective HUs

Warehouse Order
/SCWM/WOLOG – Set Up Control Parameters for Warehouse Order Creation

Shipping and Receiving
/SCWM/IBGI – Invoice Before Goods Issue
/SCWM/PM_MTR – Link Between Packaging Material (TU) and Means of Transport
/SCWM/STADET_IN – Staging Area and Door Determination (Inbound)
/SCWM/STADET_OUT – Staging Area and Door Determination (Outbound)
/SCWM/STADET_ASS -Access Sequence to Staging Areas and Door Determination
/SCWM/SR_PRINT – Set Up Printer and Form Determination

Printer and Form Determination

/SCTM/BOLFORMDET Form Determination for Bills of Lading
/SCTM/FRDFORMDET Form Determination for Freight Documents
/SCTM/PRDETFOM Printer Determination for Transportation Management
/SCTM/FOM_PRPR Define Printer Profile for Transportation Management

Travel Distance Calculation
/SCWM/TDC_SETUP – Settings for the Travel Distance Calculation
/SCWM/TDC_NET – Generate Network

Physical Inventory
/SCWM/PI_USER_DIFF – Assign User to Tolerance Group for Difference Analyzer
/SCWM/PI_USER – Assign User to Tolerance Group for Recount/Clearing

Periodic Processing
/SCWM/MS_RESULT – Start Measurement Services
/SCWM/MS_RESULT_DEL – Delete Measurement Service Results

Labor Management
/SCWM/ELS_UPLOAD – Upload Engineered Labor Standards
/SCWM/LM_CE – Condition Editor
/SCWM/LM_FE – Formula Editor

/SCWM/RFID_RFC – Determine RFC Connection for SAP AII Communication
/SCWM/RFID_POST – Disallow RFID Goods Movements
/SCWM/RFID_RSRC – Encode RFID Transponder for Resource
/SCWM/RFID_CTPRINT – Enhance Print Condition Tables for RFID Printer

Interfaces (/SCWM/INTERF)
Data Upload
/SCWM/ISU – Stock Data Transfer
/SCWM/IPU – Initial Data Transfer of Packaging Specifications
/SCWM/SBUP – Load Storage Bins
/SCWM/SRTUP – Load Storage Bin Sorting

ERP Integration
/SCWM/VALUATION_SET – Determine and Set Prices from ERP
/SCWM/DBATCHSYNC – Synchronize ERP/EWMSettings for Documentation Batches
/SCWM/ACC_IMP_ERP – Administration of Account Assignment Data
/SCWM/PSAMAP – Map Production Supply Area (PSA)
/SCWM/PSA_REPLICATE – Replicate Production Supply Area (PSA)

SAP Business Information Warehouse
/SCWM/BW02 – Delete Setup Table

Delivery-Specific Data
/SCWM/BW21 – Setup of Delivery Items

Warehouse-Specific Data
/SCWM/BW11 – Setup of Storage Bins
/SCWM/BW12 – Setup of Warehouse Tasks
/SCWM/BW13 – Setup of Warehouse Orders
/SCWM/BW14 – Setup of Value-Added Services

RSA3 – Display Setup Table (Extractor Checker)
/SCWM/BW10 – Execute Update
RSA7 – Maintain BI Delta Queue

Measurement Services
/SCWM/TLR_WIZARD – Tailored Measurement Service with Wizard
/SCWM/CLC_WIZARD – Calculated Measurement Service with Wizard
/SCWM/MS_TLR_A – Define Tailored Measurement Service
/SCWM/MS_CLC_A – Define Calculated Measurement Service
/SCWM/EGF_OBJECT – Define Measurement Services in the Warehouse Cockpit
/SCWM/EGF_COCKPIT – Configure Measurement Services in the Warehouse Cockpit

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