I already wrote a SAP PPF blog post on how to activate and maintain standard EWM PPF Actions but did not get a chance to write the detailed concepts of PPF with a custom PPF actions for the business requirements. This blog post is basically for functional teams to understand the PPF concepts. At the end I also provided important PPF document links with SAP portal referrals.

All SAP applications now using SAP PPF and it is a part of SAP Web application server. As per SAP portal, PPF is the successor to Message Control and offers wider functional scope, more simple connection to the applications, and greater flexibility. As I came to know recently, PPF tools are using in all new SAP applications (includes ERP system) instead of using olden days ECC message conditions example of sending information to customer via IDOC. But we see PPF from very beginning days of SAP EWM Application. This blog post explain the Concepts of SAP Post Processing Framework (PPF) with a EWM example (more…)