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Delivery Document Integration in SAP EWM

One of the important Integration of SAP Application is process oriented exchange of data between the ERP system and the EWM system. Information from Delivery documents between two systems are the foundation to further execute Business Tasks. Once you know the basics of Delivery documents then it’s easy to setup and configure as per business requirements. This blog post explains basic SAP EWM integration settings for delivery documents. I tried to choose an an example by creating a new order type right from ERP sale document type to EWM Document Type.  It is not easy to cover everything in one single post but I tried to explain with an example and share basic concepts of SAP EWM delivery document before going to the configuration settings. (more…)

Understanding Posting Change in SAP EWM

Posting change in SAP EWM

SAP EWM Posting change is a change of product stock categories in EWM, such as unrestricted stock to blocked stock, or change in the product or batch number. It’s basically changing a stock type or batch or product in a Extended Warehouse Management (EWM) system.

The process of posting change varies based on their warehouse structure and rules. Some Warehouses allow stock type changes within the bin and some would like to physically move out products to other bin locations. Also considering where the posting change triggers, some businesses trigger request in ERP and some trigger directly in EWM. Where ever it triggers finally postings get updated both EWM and ERP. This blog posts will explain you how we can map Distribution centers posting change process in SAP EWM system. (more…)

Understanding Transportation Unit in SAP EWM

Every Distribution Center follows Shipping & Receiving functions based on their core business processes. In general, A Truck will arrival/departure at checkpoint with planned yard movements and then the truck units will unload/load with goods movements (Goods receipt and Goods issue). All these functions can be processed from Transportation Unit in SAP EWM. This blog post will explain the important functions of SAP transportation Unit. (more…)

Understanding Work Centers in SAP EWM

Every distribution center performs activities like packing, distribution or weighting centers. These activities are important and need to execute efficiently. I can see SAP’s EWM Work Center functionality is 90% improvement from SAP WM functionality.
SAP EWM Work Center is are one of the important functionality. This blog post explains the basic functionality of work centers along with some important master data and configuration points. In general terminology, we can understand SAP work centers are basically 3 types. (more…)

Understanding Warehouse Order and Activity area combination in SAP EWM

The Warehouse Order Creation Rule (WOCR) and Activity Area (AA) are very important topics in SAP EWM. The Warehouse Tasks (WT’s) will be packaged in Warehouse Order (WO) based on WOCR and AA set up and will decide how the tasks are arranged to work on activities like Pick or Replenishment. The very detailed content of AA and WO is available in and other EWM books. But this blog post is very simple and practical in explaining the Warehouse Order and Activity Area combination with example.

We have lot of flexibility in optimizing processes for picking through warehouse order creation in SAP EWM.  Business Teams define their way of picking for specific items from specific bins with different rules. This can be possible with a combination of structure and rules step up in Activity areas and Warehouse order creation rule. (more…)

Understanding Storage Control in SAP Extended Warehouse Management.

The concept of Storage Control in SAP EWM is very important and vital. This is the driving source for a product in a warehouse where complex movements with complex layout structure exists. This blog post explains the storage control in a simple and practical way that I worked and remembered was put into this blog now.. (more…)

Important SAP EWM Tables for key functional areas

SAP EWM Tables

After a long time, I am writing this blog post not in WM but in SAP EWM with an important list that i may refer more often. Being SAP EWM Functional consultant, I come across several important tables during my work. I thought to arrange the list in one palace with a title of important SAP EWM tables. The list contains as per function wise so that we can refer easily.

List of Important SAP EWM Tables :