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Understand SAP Warehouse Management Monitor – SAP EWM Monitor

SAP EWM Monitor

In any SAP EWM implemented Distribution center where most users on either in RF device Screens or Warehouse monitor. SAP Warehouse Management Monitor ( SAP EWM Monitor) is the central tool for keeping warehouse managers and Supervisors constantly up to date with current situation of warehouse activities. SAP Standard monitor provides lot of reports and alerts but still there may be many small requirements that may need customisation. Being a functional consultant we need to configure and customise monitor objects and write functional specifications to map special needs. This blog post explains basic concepts of SAP EWM monitor structure and how monitor business functions execute with object classes and methods. (more…)

Understand Stock-Specific Unit of Measure in SAP EWM

SAP EWM Stock Specific unit of measure

Many distribution centers/Plants use multiple units of measures for articles while purchasing, stocking and selling products. The stock keeping unit is very important feature for large distribution centers where product store in a warehouse with a packaging size. This important SUOM function is not available in SAP EWM 7.0 but was available from SAP EWM 9.0 release. This blog post explains how to enable and use Stock-Specific Unit of Measure (SUOM) in SAP Extended Warehouse Management or SAP EWM SUOM (more…)

Delivery Document Integration in SAP EWM

One of the important Integration of SAP Application is process oriented exchange of data between the ERP system and the EWM system. Information from Delivery documents between two systems are the foundation to further execute Business Tasks. Once you know the basics of Delivery documents then it’s easy to setup and configure as per business requirements. This blog post explains basic SAP EWM integration settings for delivery documents. I tried to choose an an example by creating a new order type right from ERP sale document type to EWM Document Type.  It is not easy to cover everything in one single post but I tried to explain with an example and share basic concepts of SAP EWM delivery document before going to the configuration settings. (more…)

Understand Post Processing Framework (PPF) in SAP EWM

I already wrote a SAP PPF blog post on how to activate and maintain standard EWM PPF Actions but did not get a chance to write the detailed concepts of PPF with a custom PPF actions for the business requirements. This blog post is basically for functional teams to understand the PPF concepts. At the end I also provided important PPF document links with SAP portal referrals.

All SAP applications now using SAP PPF and it is a part of SAP Web application server. As per SAP portal, PPF is the successor to Message Control and offers wider functional scope, more simple connection to the applications, and greater flexibility. As I came to know recently, PPF tools are using in all new SAP applications (includes ERP system) instead of using olden days ECC message conditions example of sending information to customer via IDOC. But we see PPF from very beginning days of SAP EWM Application. This blog post explain the Concepts of SAP Post Processing Framework (PPF) with a EWM example (more…)

Understanding Retail Warehouse Management with SAP EWM

Highly efficient,high-performing retail warehouse operations are backbone for success of Retail companies.
The latest SAP Extended Warehouse Management (SAP EWM) application ( SAP EWM Retail) provides a comprehensive proof of technology and performance for Retail industries. This blog post helps you to understand the core functionalities SAP EWM that leverages Retail distribution processes.

A Retail Distribution Center replenish merchandise products to Stores regularly with a proper forecasting and replenishment planning.  I would like to share some of the processes of retail scenarios with SAP EWM application solutions. (more…)

EWM in S/4HANA – EWM Release overview

We all know and saw the classic SAP (decentral) EWM product for large warehouse distribution centres. But now we hear SAP planned full-fledged EWM embedded in S/4HANA which includes TM and QM integration for the next EWM release (SAP EWM in S/4HANA). Recently I read several blogs on SAP portal and Webinar on innovations happening with SAP Extended Warehouse Management. I am always curious to know S/4 HANA, the next generation ERP business suite right from premise market with 1511 and S/4 HANA 1610. Now, SAP planned EWM in next S/4 HANA Release with advanced integration and optimized warehousing.

This blog post is to just share some of the important content from SAP portal and websites on new EWM Release overview with SAP EWM in S/4HANA.  All the copy rights of the content and images are reserved with SAP AG. This blog is non-profit personal blog with an intention to share the SAP EWM news. I keep the referral website links at the bottom of my blog post. (more…)

Understanding Posting Change in SAP EWM

Posting change in SAP EWM

SAP EWM Posting change is a change of product stock categories in EWM, such as unrestricted stock to blocked stock, or change in the product or batch number. It’s basically changing a stock type or batch or product in a Extended Warehouse Management (EWM) system.

The process of posting change varies based on their warehouse structure and rules. Some Warehouses allow stock type changes within the bin and some would like to physically move out products to other bin locations. Also considering where the posting change triggers, some businesses trigger request in ERP and some trigger directly in EWM. Where ever it triggers finally postings get updated both EWM and ERP. This blog posts will explain you how we can map Distribution centers posting change process in SAP EWM system. (more…)

Understanding SAP EWM Yard Management

Yard is basically a separate area outside warehouse, where vehicles either waiting or parking or with checking-in and checking-out details and also assigning to a warehouse door.  SAP EWM Yard management is all about to manage your yards where vehicles and transportation units that arrive and depart. Mapping movements within a yard using warehouse task and also monitor yard in the warehouse monitor. This blog post is basically to understand SAP EWM yard management in simple way along with configurations and master data. (more…)

Data Sources for SAP EWM Analytics

As i am searching to see the data fields for reporting, i came to know that SAP EWM Data source which are important for SAP EWM Analytics. This blog post is to share the basic information of SAP EWM Data source fields that are used for BI reports. DataSource is a set of fields that provide the data for a business unit for data transfer. From a technical perspective, the DataSource is a set of logically-related fields that are provided to transfer data to SAP NetWeaver BW. (more…)

Understanding Staging Area and Door Determination in SAP EWM

Every Distribution Centre, Where the goods arrive at or leave the warehouse from a location called Door. The interim storage used to unload goods until they are put away in the inbound process or goods are staged until they are loaded to a truck in outbound process. So integration with delivery processing is necessary using staging area and door determination. This blog post will help you to understand, in SAP EWM how staging area and door determination automatically runs when you create or change outbound delivery order or inbound delivery. (more…)

Understanding SAP EWM Packaging Specification

Warehouse processes contains many packaging related requirements that need to be configure and customized.  SAP EWM packaging specification provide solutions to most but it’s not simple to use. In order to provide right solutions, Functional consultants need to understand all the standard Processes from SAP EWM packaging specification with right master data.This blog post explains you basic understanding of SAP EWM packaging specification and its integration with various components.  (more…)

Overview of SAP EWM Release road map

Every year SAP is coming up with new innovations in warehousing management. In order to know the SAP EWM release notes  from SAP EWM 7.o to SAP EWM 9.4 , then we should login and see the release notes in detail.  This document is searched from the internet and all the content rights are with SAP AG. This blog post is to know the quick differences of SAP EWM release. The SAP EWM94 has been released on 12 May 2016.

SAP EWM Improvements list from ASUG event

In January 2016, ASUG conducted an event “CC EWM delivery”, where we could see presentation slides with SAP EWM improvements list. I found the link while searching some of the SAP EWM stuff in Google. This blog post is to share quick points of SAP EWM improvements from the presentation. You should go through the details of the document from ASUG website.

There are several SAP EWM improvements

related to 1) Cross System Integration, 2)Task Creation and Confirmation, 3)Warehouse Monitor, D)Wave Management, 4)Delivery Handling and 5)Miscellaneous topics. Please click ASUG website to download the full document.  To quick view of improvements list is as follows. This post is basically to share the information of SAP EWM content from ASUG Website and not intended for any business context.
All the content rights are reserved with SAP AG. (more…)

Important SAP EWM Transaction Codes

Long time back in 2011, I wrote a post on Understanding SAP EWM in comparison with SAP WM which had list of few transaction codes in SAP EWM, but i thought i should write a complete list of of SAP EWM transaction codes in one place.

This post contains two sections A) day-to-day use transactions B) Detail list by function group.  This SAP EWM Transaction Codes quick list will help us before before going to easy access of SAP EWM.

Also, you can see many of these below SAP EWM transaction codes in SAP Easy access. (more…)

Smart Glasses picking with SAP EWM – news from SAP

Pick by vision with SAP EWM.( SAP EWM Picking with glasses). SAP Enterprise Mobile has been released a smart glass picking with SAP EWM video.

Summary :

The SAP® AR Warehouse Picker mobile app provides hands-free functionality that makes it unnecessary to spend time using handheld scanners and other devices for outbound picking. Developed with input from business stakeholders and through observation of actual SAP EWM picking processes, SAP AR Warehouse Picker enables your organization to optimize picking time and accuracy.


Understanding Stock Types in SAP EWM

SAP EWM Stock Types

SAP EWM manages stock in stock types. System shows current stock situation on storage bin level. In every warehouse the physical stock located either in the warehouse bins or dock/staging areas. So in this way SAP EWM stocks had either “in Putaway” or “in Warehouse” with attributes like unrestricted, quality and blocked stocks. A means of subdividing storage location stock or special stock. The SAP EWM stock type gives an indication of a material’s usability.

The ERP storage locations are derived for different purposes of stocks availability like AFS (available for sale-goods available), ROD (received on Dock-goods in putaway). Based on our business requirements we can also configure storage location for cross-dock stocks and Returns. (more…)

Understanding Transportation Unit in SAP EWM

Every Distribution Center follows Shipping & Receiving functions based on their core business processes. In general, A Truck will arrival/departure at checkpoint with planned yard movements and then the truck units will unload/load with goods movements (Goods receipt and Goods issue). All these functions can be processed from Transportation Unit in SAP EWM. This blog post will explain the important functions of SAP transportation Unit. (more…)

Understanding SAP EWM Replenishment Strategy

In every DC (distribution Center), most of the internal stock movements are due to replenishment of stock from High or Reserve locations to pick locations. The efficient way of picking customer orders are important in a Warehouse. The Replenishment strategy depends on the type of business scenario and product/item flow in a warehouse. In general, there are two types of replenishment, one is order dependent replenishment and another one is planned replenishment. This blog post will explain fundamentals of SAP EWM Replenishment. (more…)

Understanding Exception Codes in SAP EWM

Simple way to understand SAP EWM exception handling is to know what and when these exceptions are occurred to execute. This blog post explains you the basic understanding of SAP EWM exception codes that we need to know for what business context that user/system looking for and when these execution steps are running.

SAP Help explains exception as below:
The exception code basically tells us an exception situation in the warehouse. This exception situation occurs, for example, if system returns data does not match up with the actual situation in the warehouse. You can use exception code to communicate this to the system. You can then, for example, simply save the information, or can use it to trigger the system to start follow-up actions. For this purpose, there are connections available to the SAP Workflow, to the SAP Alert Framework, and to SAP Status Management. (more…)

Understanding Pick Denial in SAP EWM

Every Outbound delivery order line requires creating a pick task and confirming the task.  The pick denial happened at two different stages, one is at task creation time and another at pick confirmation time from user. This blog post explains the concept of pick denial along with bin denial with required settings in EWM. SAP sap-pick-denial-RF-gun-screenPick Denial describes the process of reducing a line item’s quantity of a warehouse request (delivery) in EWM and communicating that change back to the ERP system. (more…)

Understanding the Integration of PPF and Condition Technique

SAP PPF is one of the best tools to execute functions and processes in SAP EWM. This blog post is basically for functional consultants to understand the concepts of PPF in SAP EWM along with determination of condition techniques to perform PPF actions.PPF-SAP-EWM

SAP EWM uses the PPF for Printing, Communication to other systems like SAP ERP or GTS, Sending XI messages, Asynchronous updates between business objects within SAP EWM and lot more. But we functional consultants should configure and maintain conditions for basic business requirements like WO print, HU print, TU print and how to execute the PPF action definition through background jobs. If you want to skip this post and directly read how to create and configure a custom SAP EWM PPF Action definition then read this post (more…)

Understanding Work Centers in SAP EWM

Every distribution center performs activities like packing, distribution or weighting centers. These activities are important and need to execute efficiently. I can see SAP’s EWM Work Center functionality is 90% improvement from SAP WM functionality.
SAP EWM Work Center is are one of the important functionality. This blog post explains the basic functionality of work centers along with some important master data and configuration points. In general terminology, we can understand SAP work centers are basically 3 types. (more…)

Understanding Warehouse Order and Activity area combination in SAP EWM

The Warehouse Order Creation Rule (WOCR) and Activity Area (AA) are very important topics in SAP EWM. The Warehouse Tasks (WT’s) will be packaged in Warehouse Order (WO) based on WOCR and AA set up and will decide how the tasks are arranged to work on activities like Pick or Replenishment. The very detailed content of AA and WO is available in and other EWM books. But this blog post is very simple and practical in explaining the Warehouse Order and Activity Area combination with example.

We have lot of flexibility in optimizing processes for picking through warehouse order creation in SAP EWM.  Business Teams define their way of picking for specific items from specific bins with different rules. This can be possible with a combination of structure and rules step up in Activity areas and Warehouse order creation rule. (more…)

SAP EWM Best Practices with Building Blocks methodology

SAP EWM configuration guide

I strongly believe every Functional consultant must know the SAP Best Practices in their respective modules. Once you know the best practices then it is easy to suggest the right solutions that will benefit the development and delivery of any SAP project.

In order to learn and practice any new SAP module, the starting point is to know the best practices through building blocks.  This blog post contains the key information of  SAP EWM building block configuration step documents with important links provided at the end.   (more…)

Understanding Storage Control in SAP Extended Warehouse Management.

The concept of Storage Control in SAP EWM is very important and vital. This is the driving source for a product in a warehouse where complex movements with complex layout structure exists. This blog post explains the storage control in a simple and practical way that I worked and remembered was put into this blog now.. (more…)

Automatic Wave Assignment in SAP EWM

Wave-templateAutomatic Wave assignment is one of the best SAP EWM functionality in the fulfillment process. The SAP EWM wave building process had more added features with better control for the warehouse activities. System performance is greatly improved and capable of executing  large volume of orders along with Wave release. This blog post talks about the concepts and steps to enable the automatic wave assignment functionality. (more…)

Important SAP EWM Tables for key functional areas

SAP EWM Tables

After a long time, I am writing this blog post not in WM but in SAP EWM with an important list that i may refer more often. Being SAP EWM Functional consultant, I come across several important tables during my work. I thought to arrange the list in one palace with a title of important SAP EWM tables. The list contains as per function wise so that we can refer easily.

List of Important SAP EWM Tables :

SAP EWM Live customers and Sites

Most SAP Consultants generally aware of new updates in their application area with clients list. This blog post covers some of SAP EWM solution overviews and SAP EWM clients list till 2011 by sharing some public links. I browse through several sites, presentation and videos related to SAP EWM and found some interesting articles and presentations. (more…)

SAP Extended Warehouse Management ( EWM) in comparison with SAP WM

After long time, I am updating my blog in SAP category. This blog post explains SAP Extended Warehouse Management (SAP EWM) in comparison with SAP Warehouse Management ( SAP WM). (more…)

SAP Certification in Extended Warehouse Management-EWM

Good news for all SAP WM Functional consultants…It’s official that SAP education is now offering Certification in EWM- EXTENDED WAREHOUSE MANAGEMENT WITH SAP SCM 7.0. (SAP EWM Certification ) (more…)