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Smart Glasses picking with SAP EWM – news from SAP

Pick by vision with SAP EWM.( SAP EWM Picking with glasses). SAP Enterprise Mobile has been released a smart glass picking with SAP EWM video.

Summary :

The SAP® AR Warehouse Picker mobile app provides hands-free functionality that makes it unnecessary to spend time using handheld scanners and other devices for outbound picking. Developed with input from business stakeholders and through observation of actual SAP EWM picking processes, SAP AR Warehouse Picker enables your organization to optimize picking time and accuracy.


Launch of SAP Transportation Management and SAP Extended Warehouse Management

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SAP Extended Warehouse ManagementSAP today announced the general availability of the 9.3 versions of the SAP Transportation Management (SAP TM) and the SAP Extended Warehouse Management (SAP EWM) applications.

SAP TM offers end-to-end logistics process support, including integrated planning, orchestration, execution, tracking and settlement of the physical movement of goods across all modes of transport.

SAP’s eBook: Supply Chain Execution

An eBook on SAP Supply Chain Execution with demos, testimonials,  white papers, and more on a range of topics – from RFID and global traceability, to transportation and event management. Explore the eBook › Unfortunately SAP removed the PDF link here.. so you can just read contents now from you. but you can read this informative PDF on SAP SCE


SAP Ranked Revenue Leader in Warehouse Management Systems Software- SAP news room

SAP Warehouse Management system (WMS) is now the largest provider in Supply Chain execution software market.. This blog post related to SAP EWM application from SAP news room and i am republishing article here with a knowledge intention to share specific SAP products through this blog.WarehouseEnv-1-660x402

SAP Ranked Revenue Leader in Warehouse Management Systems Software by ARC Advisory Group.
September 04, 2012 by SAP News
WALLDORF —Consolidating a solid leadership role in the supply chain execution software market, SAP has been named the largest provider in the software segment of ARC Advisory Group’s “Warehouse Management Systems: Worldwide Outlook 2011-2016.”


Overview of SAP IDoc processing

You may find so many resources in the Internet if you search for SAP IDOC’s. But for a Functional consultants certainly need IDoc concepts along with the business processes in SAP. This blog-post will only covers basic knowledge of SAP IDoc and it’s use in a regular day business processes in view of a Functional consultants everyday’s work.

I saw clients using IDoc’s for two purposes. A) Communicate to partners about their business/shipping details through SAP IDoc. B) Communication between Legacy and SAP systems through IDoc.

IDoc refers to a document that is stored in an SAP database table for the purpose of further processing.


Creating a Query in SAP ECC 6.0

Every SAP Functional Consultant might got an experience with the client by providing a training or creating some Queries. Most of the time, super users or users would like to create and see a simple business report with out ABAP program. I personally feel, very comfortable creating a Query in SAP ECC 6.0 version comparing to the older versions. SAP ECC 6.0 came up with very simple drag and drop design options along with Quickview to see the Report immediately. This blog post is to understand and keep remembering the simple steps in creating a SAP Query.

You may get so many resources online when you google it on the web. But at the end we need to get experience in creating and using the SAP queries for the client requirements. I can see in SAP that, there are Two ways/Methods in creating a query report. I should not put any screen shots here for the referee but i can provide some links at the end. (more…)

Outbound delivery creation function in SAP Logistics execution


In general, the Retail Warehouse operations contains more than 60% of workload in a day belongs to shipping process. You may have orders like customers orders , inter-company orders, intra-company replenishment orders, subcontract deliveries and etc. Every Warehouse distribution center needs to process a few hundred to thousands of outbound delivery orders in a day to ship and receive goods. Outbound delivery creation stage is very vital for both warehouse and Sales business teams to execute orders. So creating deliveries at right time with right variants will ease your work load. I would like to explain what are the ways and means of creating a deliveries in SAP ECC6.0 are available. This blog post is not intended to give complete steps, but i tried to cover most of the functional and technical requirements.