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Understanding SAP Decentralized Warehouse Management

There is a key word called “WMS”. Every Warehouse consultant should come across WMS Legacy system that takes care the warehouse operations and need to replace with SAP WMS as part of SAP implementation.  SAP designed a Warehouse system that delivers high level efficiency in the supply chain activities. This blog post will covers important concepts of SAP Decentralized Warehouse management. In theory SAP (DWM)S is describes as a decentralized stand-alone system that is operated separately from a centralized operated ERP system (ECC).

First of all Warehouse Management System has been implemented for the “distribution center “ scenario. This scenario describes a warehouse that primarily used to distribution of goods and is not linked to production plant. All business processes are carried out in ERP system where as Decentralized warehouse management system is responsible for the necessary process for goods reciept, warehousing and distribution. (more…)

SAP Certification in LE-WM

SAP Logistics execution and Warehouse management. My initial days of  SAP career was not clear in terms of where, how and when SAP certification needed.  Those days it is very important for a beginner having a certification in SAP will have a competitive edge over other consultants. SAP certification will always give you an edge over others. Detailed topics of SAP WM Certification will be explained in this blog

I am not a certified SAP professional and i am still working in SAP with out any questions on my certification from companies/clients. I certainly planned for certification but not sure whether i do or not. This blog post is basically a collection of data and links for SAP certification in LE-WM. As of now i did not see any EWM certification from SAP education site. They may add EWM sooner or later.

In 2010, SAP introduced a certification levels for consultants. There are two certification levels for SAP WM Certification. Associate certification and Professional certification.


Overview of SAP IDoc processing

You may find so many resources in the Internet if you search for SAP IDOC’s. But for a Functional consultants certainly need IDoc concepts along with the business processes in SAP. This blog-post will only covers basic knowledge of SAP IDoc and it’s use in a regular day business processes in view of a Functional consultants everyday’s work.

I saw clients using IDoc’s for two purposes. A) Communicate to partners about their business/shipping details through SAP IDoc. B) Communication between Legacy and SAP systems through IDoc.

IDoc refers to a document that is stored in an SAP database table for the purpose of further processing.


Understanding the concept of Routes (LE-SHP) in SAP ECC 6.0

Routes are very important in Warehouse shipping activities. In SAP systems, route has a vital role in Order to Cash Process. This blog post is basically to explain the concept of SAP Route and Route determination in the Logistics Execution process and also provides important resource links at the end.

Route is a fundamental basis to create and plan shipments in SAP systems and also a basis for selection of upcoming Deliveries. You can use routes to determine the itinerary (leg), means of transport like truck, train, plane or ship. (more…)

Wave Picks in SAP Logistics Execution

The blog is on Wave pick in SAP, Most of the WMS systems in the ERP market are designed the picking process more of custom method. The very common factor among all systems is a Ref.NUMBER for picking. whether you call it as a pick plan number or wave pick number or batch pick number or group number, It consolidates the picks with subsequent functions like creating picks & printing ,confirming, PGI and billing. In SAP, using a Wave Picks you can plan picks according to time criteria and also integrate to other subsequent functions. We have very good material at, but this blog post will explain you the concept and functionality in a simple way with important configuration steps for SAP Wave picks. (more…)

Understanding the Packing function in SAP ECC6.0

Packing function in SAP system is very important for Distribution centers and Retail outlet stores in order to exchange their goods data requirements between suppliers and Ship-to parties. The Ship-to parties can scan and check the goods through Pallet/Carton label information. This will optimize their business process by knowing the product information with load carriers and their weight and volume. I would not like to repeat information here in this blog, but i would certainly cover the SAP packing functionality with business requirements. (more…)

Dynamic Cycle Counting in SAP WMS

This Blog post is basically for Consultants and Business teams to understand SAP’s Inventory methods along with functionality of Dynamic Cycle Counting. When it comes to physical inventory functionality in SAP, Dynamic Cycle Counting gives you very efficient method and accuracy through RF devices. Before talking about DCC, i would like to brief about the Inventory methods and functionality in SAP WM module.

In general Physical Inventory can be conducted annually or continuously and for legal reasons, for balance sheet purposes, or for internal controlling. The process of taking a physical inventory involves planning, execution, and review. Consultants need to talk to the Business Teams. Based on the business audit requirements you need to configure the inventory method for a storage type in SAP WMS.


Cross Docking Functionality in SAP ECC 6

Cross-dock in SAPThis blog Post is for SAP consultants and WM Teams to understand the cross dock functionality in SAP ECC6 (WMS). The post also discuss about planning for Cross docking and how the cross docking actually taking place with or with out cross dock monitor.
I personally feel that deciding which type of cross-docking and what kind of materials suitable for Cross Docking is important. Most Clients may use to customize the SAP Cross-docking function based on their requirements.  Type of material suitable for cross docking are like a) pre-picked, pre-packed customer orders from another plant or warehouse b) materials that are pre-tagged, pre-ticketed c) promotional material d) Staple retail materials with a constant demand or low demand variance.

Let’s talk about Cross-Docking: In very simple SAP terminology “Cross docking matches inbound and outbound deliveries to avoid having to store material in the warehouse”. Not all material is suitable for cross docking, but when it can be used it reduces labor costs, delivery time to the customer, and the amount of warehouse space.


Use of Mobile Data Entry into Warehouse Management Transactions in SAP

SymbolMCHandheldThis blog post is basically for the Consultants and WM Team to understand  “how SAP incorporated the use of mobile data entry into warehouse management transactions.”
During my experience i used the Standard SAP RF Dynamic Cycle counting and all other processes like “pick by pick sheet” or “pick by ship lable” was designed in custom RF program along with replenishment and pack memo printing through RF Menu.. Here i wanted to brief about the SAP RF related configurations along with features available. (more…)

Order Fulfillment with SAP WM

This Blog Post is for Warehouse Operations Managers and SAP WM Consultants to understand and map the requirements of “Order Fulfillment process” with SAP WM Functions.

The costs and labor associated with outbound order processing are typically up to 60-70 percent of warehouse labor. Picking is one of the most important warehouse operations Three main variables a company needs to think ….. when it comes to order fulfillment are productivity, accuracy, and cycle time. (more…)