This page contains only SAP EWM posts. These posts are not intended to knowledge seekers.
It’s basically content collection from my experiences and published from oldest to latest posts for my quick reference.



1.Understanding SAP EWM in comparison with SAP WM
2.SAP EWM Live customers and Sites.

3.Important SAP EWM Tables
4.SAP Ranked Revenue Leader in Warehouse Management Systems Software- SAP news room
5.SAP’s eBook: Supply Chain Execution.

6.Automatic Wave assignments in SAP EWM
7.Understanding Storage Control in SAP Extended warehouse Management.
8.SAP EWM Best Practices with Building Blocks methodology
9.Understanding Warehouse Order and Activity area combination in SAP EWM
10.Understanding Work Centers in SAP EWM
11.Understanding the Integration of PPF and Condition Technique
12.Understanding Pick Denial in SAP EWM
13.Understanding Exception Codes in SAP EWM
14.Understanding SAP EWM Replenishment Strategy
15.Understanding Transportation Unit in SAP EWM
16.Understanding Stock Types in SAP EWM
17. Important SAP EWM Transactions
18. Overview of SAP EWM Release road map

19. Understanding SAP EWM Packaging Specifications
20. Understanding Staging Area and Door Determination in SAP EWM
21. Understanding SAP EWM Yard Management
22. Understanding Posting Change in SAP EWM
23. EWM in S/4HANA – EWM Release overview
24. Understanding Retail Warehouse Management with SAP EWM
25. Understand Post Processing Framework (PPF) in SAP EWM
26. Delivery Document Integration in SAP EWM


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