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Understanding SAP EWM Packaging Specification

Warehouse processes contains many packaging related requirements that need to be configure and customized.  SAP EWM packaging specification provide solutions to most but it’s not simple to use. In order to provide right solutions, Functional consultants need to understand all the standard Processes from SAP EWM packaging specification with right master data.This blog post explains you basic understanding of SAP EWM packaging specification and its integration with various components.  (more…)

Understanding Work Centers in SAP EWM

Every distribution center performs activities like packing, distribution or weighting centers. These activities are important and need to execute efficiently. I can see SAP’s EWM Work Center functionality is 90% improvement from SAP WM functionality.
SAP EWM Work Center is are one of the important functionality. This blog post explains the basic functionality of work centers along with some important master data and configuration points. In general terminology, we can understand SAP work centers are basically 3 types. (more…)