SAP Supply Chain Logistics

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SAP application is like a big ocean, there is no end for learning. SAP keep adding new products and features every year. Everyone must upgrade their SAP application knowledge in order to provide better solutions in the competitive consulting world.

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It’s not enough to just read and learn application knowledge from, one must experience and have exposure mapping the business requirements in accordance with SAP best practices. I always feel working with more clients would help in growing Business knowledge as well as Consulting knowledge, also we need to keep upgrade of SAP innovations more often for better consulting.

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I am not a good reader. To be honest, I learn more while working with client requirements and working with other consultants than reading documents or trainings. To me, how well you understand SAP application and Business requirements is important for consulting than just providing some solutions to clients. Because you understand well both application and requirements the outcome would be the right solution. I must agree that having SAP technical knowledge would help to become a better solution architect. I am still learning both functional and technical areas of SAP application.

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